Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest

2017 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest

Here are the results for the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest.  I place three photographs out of 35 categories I entered.  There are 120 categories of photographs with places one through four which will be hung in the Hall of Champions in August at the Fair.  Make sure to stop by and see all the great photography including the work of my brother-in-law Robert Crocker who placed 13 photos and was selected as a Judge's Favorite.  

Our State Fair is the best State Fair.

4th Place--1063 portrait head shot only

2nd Place--1083 Wheels

2nd Place--1098 Harvest

Entered but did not place

1000 action

1004 Animals, birds, game birds, waterfowl

1005 Animals, birds, raptors, hawks, eagles

1008 Animals, dogs

1017 Art in progress

1028 Building architectural – urban

1032 chairs

1035 doors

1037 fabric patterns and textures

1038 Famous Wisconsin landmark, Calatrava, Milwaukee

1041 fences

1044 Flags

1048 garden art and garden sculpture

1053 holiday dia de los muertos

1058 Landscapes with water

1061 night scenes

1062 parties celebrations

1066 road trip

1068 rust

1073 shadows

1074 signs streets

1075 Transportation, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle

1076 Transportation, planes, air flight, other not listed

1079 water

1082 weather fog mist

1085 windows

1089 Positively pink

1091 Smiley face yellow

1092 tangerine

1095 barns

1100 cityscape b&w

1102 Trails, paths b&w

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