Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Out of Chicago Photography Conference Day Three

Saturday, June 25, 2017

Today is the third day of the Out of Chicago Photography Conference.  I attended classroom workshops today including An Odyssey of Vision: Towards a New Psychology of Fine Art Photography with John Kosmopoulos and Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition with Ian Plant.

My brother-in-law Bob Crocker and I then did an unstructured photowalk through the Loop area where we are staying.  Today we decided to head down an alleyway that was a few blocks west of Michigan Avenue because it look ripe for the types of images we like to shoot.

A couple of abstracts

Someday I want to do a book on all the stuff I have photographed on the ground

Color or black and white?

Color or black and white?

I did a series of three studies of this dumpster--I vote for the last one.

Two angles of the same subject, one in color the other in black and white

Two ideas about the same subject--I prefer the lower image

Sometimes the gods just give you a gift--Andy Warhol on a pole!

Bob and I split up at this point as he had a session to attend.  I headed down the Loop to the theater where my wife was seeing The King and I in order to walk back with her after the show.

This shot is totally blurry--I wish I could have a do over on this one!

I stationed myself by this store ad because...well, you see why

I liked the color in this one.

Two unintentional poses by the same person

I stationed myself by this ad with balloons so that I could sneak street shots of the people walking by.

That did not fool everyone.

While I was standing outside the theater I got these three shots of the same woman--I vote for the last one.

I love the fact that I got these two outside of The King and I. 

P. S. Sunday, June 25, 2107

On Sunday I attended the workshops The Passionate Photographer:  Becoming the Photographer You Want To Be with Steve Simon;  Behind the Lens:  Anatomy of a Great Shot with Joshua Cripps;  Beyond the Frame:  Creating Candid Images That Have Strong Emotional Impact with Marie Laigneau as well as the closing talk.

I only managed to take a few photos today.

It was a killer weekend for photography.

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  1. Brings back good memories. I luv your B&W images; you are getting the Street Photog. scene down very well.
    Bob Crocker