Thursday, July 2, 2020

Dr. Abbott Killindge

My artist friend and teacher Andrea Matus deMeng has been kind enough to issue challenges to keep the home bound artist busy during these odd times. Recently she issued:


"When you can't do what you want - do what you can. This weeks challenge is to take an old piece that you've created that perhaps didn't meet your expectations and either (a) find the beauty in it as is....or (b) rework it until it is the best it can you can do with what you have (without doing the whole thing over!!!) The purpose of this is to find a way to embrace and even admire 'imperfection' ".

There is an endless supply of unfinished pieces in my basement and some are there because they did not meet my expectations. After a quick survey in the land down under, I selected these two pieces of wood trim that I had co-joined for a book making project that never got off the ground. 

The original idea for the book was made difficult when I attached the two pieces together with hinges without leaving any room for the pages I wanted to insert. Going in a different direction, I painted up the outsides.

Rather than make a book, I decide to make a diptych collage.

The bell still rings!

My friend Carole J. Nebel called my up one day and asked if I could find a artistic purpose for some old glass slides. Yes, yes I could. Thanks Carole. 

So thus we have...Dr. Abbott Killindge. 

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  1. This is amazing! Love this artistic use of upcycled items! You are a genius!