Saturday, May 1, 2021




Here is my first work to come out of the new Michael deMeng on-line workshop, Ramshackle Robots and Antiquated Androids. This one is called Potpourri-Bot.

The project started with these basic ingredients. I knew from the start that the mixer was going to be converted into a potpourri jar right from the start. What I did not realize was that the idea of using a baby doll head made this robot to human like and was quickly rejected.

Denice got me addicted to Starbuck's Chai Latte and having a lid around on this day proved perfect timing to create the base I needed to have.

I found this pool cue in my stash and screwed off the handle to use for the bot.

Dang! these dang bottle caps will make perfect hubcaps.

Have a stash of fans helps when you need to power a bot.

I decided that this one is going to start black. After many hours of painting, painting, painting--I completed The Potpourri-Bot.

Thus we have, Potpourri-Bot which still has live, rolling action.

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