Tuesday, July 6, 2021

2021 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest

Like many things, the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair was cancelled so there was no photography contest last year. But...there was one in 2021 and the judging was July 6th.

The day started with the five amigos (Denice and I, Bob Crocker and Chris and Lynn Prober) getting together for breakfast before heading over to the Fair for photo judging day.

The results are now in and Lynn Prober walked away with a Judge's Favorite ribbon, 5 1st place ribbons, 1 second place, 2 thirds and 2 fourth place ribbons. Bob received 3 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd and 4 4ths. Chris got 2 1sts, 1, 2nd and a 3rd.

Here are my award winners:

1069. Signs, street, etc.—New Orleans street art

1071. New! Textiles, silk—New Orleans shopping

1068. New! Shoes—Abandoned shoes

1107. New! Door County lavender—Irishfest band shirt

Here are the photographs that were entered but did not place, or as I like to say, 5th place. 

1003. Animals, baby—State Fair calf

1004. Animals, birds, game birds, waterfowl—Caged Goose

1008. Animals, dogs—Oaxaca guard dog

1009. Animals, farm--Rooster

1011. Animals, insects, not butterflies or moths—Tanzanian dragon fly

1013. Animals, reptiles, amphibians—Louisiana alligator

1014. Animals, zoo--Flamingos

1016. Beach—Irish beach shells

1017. Books, book shelves—Trinity College

1019. Botanical, flowers close up, tropical flowers—Tropical blossom

1021. Botanical, fungi/mushrooms—Horicon Marsh fungi

1024. Building/architectural – urban—New Orleans drug store

1029. Chairs, benches—Dallas art museum

1030. New! Clouds—Tanzanian sunset

1033. Daydreaming—New Orleans street photography

1034. Doors—Frenchman Street, New Orleans

1035. Eyes—Dallas wall art

1036. Famously Wisconsin—Harley Davidson on Bourbon Street, New Orleans

1040. Geometric shapes—Tanzanian trash

1043. Heirlooms, antiques—Ball jar on a tractor

1049. Leaves—Garden District, New Orleans

1053. Night scenes—French Quarter, New Orleans

1056. Product displays—Haas Moto Museum, Dallas

1057. New! Railroads—Jim Adams

1059. Rest and relaxation—Irishfest partier

1063. Rust—Ireland boatyard

1066. Seasonal, winter—Snow on the hostas

1067. Shadows—Haas Moto Museum, Dallas

1073. Transportation, air, land—Fourth of July car show

1076. Water—Tanzanian water hole

1079. Weather, fog, mist—Foggy wayside

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