Saturday, March 25, 2023

Broken Into Travesties Of Reflections

This is the second project that came about as a result of taking the Michael deMeng on line workshop, Peculiar Portraits of Improbable People

I had this cool antique wall mounted clothes drying rack that I always thought could be a dress structure. Combined with this vintage lamp piece and a cradled board, the project got started.

I auditioned a number of photos from a model shoot I did years ago. I had played with altering the images in Photoshop Elements and decided this rather plastic version was going to work for this effort. 

I cannot get enough of some techniques when I work and one of them is to lay down a background collage using sewing patterns. Then it was on to the collage.

The welding goggles gave me the idea of a reflected sky. After laying on the drying rack, I had to decide to either leave it, paint it or collage it. I went with a collage effect using some dyed coffee filter paper I made by eco dying.

Thus we have Broken Into Travesties of Reflections. It is 41"H X 23"W X 4"D. It is made up of a 20"H X 10"W Cradled Board, Metal Lamp Trim, Welding Goggles, Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack, Glass Jewelry Case Top, Lens (2), Nails (26), Paper and Paint.

The title for this piece comes from the poem A Draft Of Shadows by Octavio Paz.

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