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2023 07 Vida y Sueños (Life and Dreams): A Mixed Media Art Experience with Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus During Oaxaca’s Famous Guelaguetza Festival Dia Diez y Once

Dia Diez,  July 21st (Friday)

Our last hotel breakfast was today before we boarded the van for an add-on field trip with our leader Mija to the Ocotlan de Morelos village market. 


Our first stop was in the town of Ocotlán de Morelos to visit the ceramic shops of the famed Aguilar sisters. The origin of the family business was when their mother Isaura Alcantara Diaz switched from traditional pottery forms to doing figurative ones. She became famous and someone collectors wanted. There are four sisters involved in the family business of ceramic making now and they are also collectible. A third and fourth generation of the family are continuing the art form with great success.

The first we visited was Guillermina.

Next store is the shop of Josefina (who I must confess that I find her art more to my liking). While I have photographed Josefina before she was not looking too well on this trip so I left her alone. 

The Cat Whisperer (Photos by Denice)

This is the Josefina that Denice and I decided had to come home with us


Our second stop was the Ocotlan de Morelos village market. The first thing we did was go to the municipal palace to view the mural by the Zapotec artist Rodolfo Morales. 

Then we wandered around the market.

Photo by Denice

Catedral de Ocotlan de Morelos


Third, we stopped in San Antonio Castillo Velasco at the Taller Manos Que Ven family studio of Don Jose Garcia, also known as the blind potter.


Today lunch was at Azucena in San MartÍn Tilcajete operated by Jacobo and María de los Angeles, the alebrije king and queen.

The scent of Copal

This alebrije came home with us made by Ana Xuana

OUT THE WINDOW #10 (and the last)

I am going to miss the streets--it has been fun.

Now it is time for our class critique. Most of us will tell you we are not done but the projects still look pretty good. My apologies to all as these were the toughest projects I have ever tried to photograph between their 2D nature, the light in the room and their size. 

Our farewell dinner was at Tierra del Sol. I decided that for the final photos I would combine our farewell dinner photos with the projects of the participants. 



Andrea and Michael




David and Marci



Kathleen and Anna



Amy and Helen


Cory and John

Cory and John



Alan and Evelyn





Solange and Una



(Apologies to Kristen for the lack of photos).

Dia Once, July 22nd (Saturday)

Both Denice and I were pleased that both going and coming proved to be easy on this trip.

We did have to get up at 3:30 a.m. in order to catch a 4:30 a.m. taxi to the airport.

Our United flight left at about 7:00 a.m. (20 minutes late) and arrived in Houston at 10:30 a.m.

We did have to move quickly to catch our Noon flight to Chicago. We arrived in Chicago at 5:00 p.m. and picked up our luggage. Then we caught a Coach USA bus to Milwaukee where our sister-in-law Marijeanne and her husband Donny picked us up. 

After dinner we were able to get home, unpack and get to bed with little issues.

It is always a bit sad when a workshop ends and this one is especially so because I was so pleased that Denice got to see Oaxaca and enjoyed her time there. 

Our thanks go to Mija, Colleen, Michael, Andrea and all the participants in the workshop.

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