Thursday, June 27, 2024

2024 06 Wisconsin State Fair Amateur Photography Competition

Here are the results from this year's Amateur Photography Contest judged on  Tuesday, June 25 at the Wisconsin State Fair. The photos that placed will be exhibited during the run of the fair in the Hall of Grand Champions. 

Each entrant may submit 35 photos out of 120 categories judged. The judges give places from 1st to 4th meaning there are 480 winning photographs. This year there were over 3,000 photos submitted in the categories so that is an average of about 25 photos per.

PHOTOS THAT DID NOT PLACE (or as I like to say, 5th place)

1011. Blue ribbon blue

1106. Animals, dogs

1107. Animals, farm

1108. Animals, mammals

1109. Animals, reptiles, amphibians

1110. Animals, zoo

1120. Botanical, trees, bark, shrubs

1126. Chairs, benches

1127. Chandelier, lights

1128. Circles

1133. Doors

1136. Garden art or garden sculpture

1137. Geometric shapes

1142. Glow

1153. Leaves

1156. Night scenes

1162. Railroads

1164. Repetition in nature

1166. Rust

1168. Shadows

1169. Signs, street, etc.

1170. Stained glass

1171. Spiral

1173. Transportation, air, land

1175. Umbrella

1176. Water

1180. Windows

1200. Bridges Black and White

1202. Fences Black and White

1203. Waves Black and White


1123. Building architectural – urban

1130. Cobblestones


1010. Badger red


1155. Mailbox

1161. Portrait, head shot only

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