Thursday, July 4, 2024

2024 07 Crank Box

This is the second creation finished after I was lucky enough to be included with a talented group of assemblage artists who were gathered by Mineral Point (WI) artist Cristy McNab for three days of work in the Lind Pavilion on the Shake Rag Alley Campus.

Because this was not a class but an adventure, I decided to bring supplies to make New Age Gods out of action figures and small found objects.

I have fallen in love with vintage wood foundry forms as substrates. I combined the Crank Box form with a newel to make the base for this project. 

This figure started with a DC Comics Batman Soft Glow Night Lite.

This is as far as I got at Shake Rag Alley. The rest of the project was completed at home.

The original twigs proved too fragile so I covered them in Aves Clay

Denice bought me these great earrings to use...and I did

Thus we have Crank Box. He is 22"H X 8"W X 7"D. He consists of a Batman Soft Glow Night Lite, Wood Foundry Form, Newel, Plastic Wings, Cheese Cloth, Earring Eyes, Junior Jet Club Pin, Twigs, Clay, and Paint.


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  1. Love seeing the components set into the final assemblage.