Friday, June 24, 2011

Route 66 Day Two

Today found us up bright and early and irritating the monkeys at King Kong Burgers were unfortunately we arrived too early for the Breakfast Taco.  That meant a dreaded national chain breakfast at The Cracker Barrel where I spent most of the meal trying to figure out how to steal the things on the walls.  I did find two cool rusty bottle caps in the parking lot so I now feel like the trip has really begun.

Today is all about getting to the West Coast so we can actually get our kicks on Route 66.  With the plan being that we not only needed to do today's 700 miles but also make up for yesterday's 125 mile shortfall, it was basically a day of driving.

We did eat lunch in Sterling, Colorado at the River City Grill but who cares about that when just down the block was this cool building. 

Denice did not let me steal this cool rusty office sign even though it was just hanging there begging to be given a home with someone who cares. 

We made it over the Rocky Mountains past Vail with one big surprise.  On the longest day of the year they still have snow within reach.  Yikes!

Our evening meal was in Avon, Colorado at yet another sushi place, this one called Nozawa Sushi Bar and Kitchen.  Then on to Grand Junction, Colorado, for a night's rest at the Best Western. 

Total miles:  752

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  1. I hope you are bagging and tagging your rusty bottle caps so you will have documentation of where you found them ;o) We will all road trip vicariously through you (and I know have the theme from the Route 66 series stuck in my head)