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Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles: Michael de Meng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October-November, 2015: Day Eight (Evening) and Day Nine

Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles:  Michael deMeng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October, 2016

Friday, October 30, 2015

After the critique, the night was just beginning in San Cristobal de la Casa.  Some of us who had been guided to Palenque with Raoul were invited to his house for dinner.  This is how we got there... the back of his truck.

Raoul takes the time to explain the ways of Mexico to us...

and showed us his jewelry.

Preparing dinner.

Then we all sat around and sang songs and played percussion instruments to accompany the guitar.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday was a free day in San Cristobal so I went for a walkabout to view the city's art.  Here are the results:

Halloween is celebrated in Mexico as a bleed-over holiday from the US.  It gets a little confused with the Dia de los Muertos traditions which technically do not start until November 1st.   Either way, Halloween night on the streets of San Cristobal de la Casa was wild.  We did our part to add to the madness.

The Marshalls


Michael de Meng



That night we ate at the Cooperativas Zapatistas Restaurant.

This family came into the restaurant in their cardboard masks looking for Halloween treats.

Being a bit more reserve, I was on the streets that night incognito.

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