Sunday, December 22, 2019

Like My Heart, a Color at the Edge of Blood

Like My Heart, a Color at the Edge of Blood

Please feel free to view the past two blogs about Denice and my trip to Hawaii that included a week on Maui with Andrea Matus deMeng in her Passions of Pele workshop sponsored by Visions of Australia Pty Ltd and Sallianne McClelland.

While Denice and I were on Kauai, we found a thrift store on 50% off day and I was able to walk out with this metal jewelry box for $5. I decided that this would make a great base for my collage in my work.

I took off the lid and flipped the box over and arranged where it would sit in the inverted cradled board that is our base

Andrea taught a technique for creating a stone tablet that would be our collage substrate

Then the two are put together

A piece of wood I brought from home becomes a feature on the bottom of the base

Another thrift shop find--I used the frame as a collage item

The collage is created with items I brought from home 

The substrate is painted

Here is how the box got painted

The collage is getting closer

I used a Dremel tool to carve the edges of the cradled board
Some found objects I brought from home are attached to the board

The collage is fitted on the jewelry box

My friend Marilyn Werst found these Tiki Dolls in a nearby store and I had to get some to add to my box

This is as far as the work got in Hawaii

Andrea Matus deMeng discussing my piece at the end of the workshop critique

Once we got home from Hawaii, it took a little work to get the piece finished including some detail painting, additions to the Tiki Dolls, and other adding a topper.

And, thus we have, Like My Heart, A Color at the Edge of Blood. The title is from "Before She Came" in The Rebel's Silhouette: Selected Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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