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The Fantastical Monster Hunting Kit of Professor Vermillion: an online Michael deMeng workshop

The Fantastical Monster Hunting Kit of Professor Vermillion: an Online Michael deMeng Workshop

Michael deMeng's latest online workshop ( called The Fantastical Monster Hunting Kit of Professor Vermillion.

Here is the description of the workshop:

"Eradicating vampires and offing werewolves is not like getting rid of raccoons in the attic.   It takes skill and training but it also takes the right tools and devices.  So in this workshop you will be using your artistic skills to modify an everyday box or case into something that will send shivers down the spines of those nocturnal lurkers.  Of course, to make a proper monster hunting kit one must understand the type of creepsters at large and use the appropriate method to exterminate. In the famous words of monster hunter, Professor Maximilian Vermillion, 'Beware the night.  Monsters are as plentiful as beasts of prey…and much more deadly. One must understand their motives as well as their vulnerabilities to properly combat these demons of darkness.'  

…and hopefully you’ll gain some insight from Professor Vermilion’s last dying words:

  'I spent my life battling monsters of every sort and size.   Now I am passing…I don’t know what awaits me on the other side…but I’ll tell you this, if I happen come across any of those rotten bastards in the hereafter…someone is getting an ass-whooping…(cough….cough)'.

You’ll start off with a nice portable briefcase, suitcase or toolbox and then you will transform it into a home for anti-monster gizmos.  Some of the items that you might deem necessary for you kit are:  
·      Medium Rare Vampire Stakes – custom made and very fancy

·      Dastardly Defanging Device – handy for teethy beasties like werewolves and vampires

·      Werewhistle – blow this to stop a werewolf attack and make them tilt there head in an adorable way

·      Ectoplasmic Locator – find those ghosties before they find you

·      You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Potions and other Elixirs – special vials filled with special potions

·      Eye of the Gorgon – sometimes it takes a monster to kill a monster…turn ‘em into stone.

·      The Mesmerizing Gun – hypnotize the wretched souls to do YOUR bidding for a change.

·      Monster Hunting Books, Scrolls and Enchiridions – a place for spells, incantations and creature hunting notes."

So, here is the process I went through to build a Monster Hunting Kit.

I started by selecting an old metal fishing tackle box for my base kit.

Check out the possibilities in this space

I removed the handle but saved the plate (see below)

A table lamp base and an old model railroad crossing guard were selected

A collage on the top of the box

The selected pieces are attached

The box is textured

The former plate for the handle is re-positioned as a name badge

The underside is adorned with a collage

Little coves are made for the things to be stored in the kit

Garlic to ward of vampires

A tuning fork to locate ghosts

Remember the rr crossing guard?

Now it rings a warning when monsters are near

Out of my stash of bottles I selected the potions for the kit

Here are the bottles pre-painting

Liver of Sulfur

Powder Potion

Carbolic Acid


Blood Corpuscles


Essence of Asparagus

Holy Water


Creme de Cacao

Contacting Injector


The things you need to build a were-compass

Monster Hunting Binoculars

A gesso transfer

This is the kit of R. V. Pierce, M.D., Consulting Physician, Buffalo, NY, USA

The underside

On the front of the kit, a cross to ward off vampires

The parts for a defanger

The parts for the Eye of the Gorgon

From the back of a chair, the stakes I need

The parts needed for the Ecotoplasmic Locator

Because there is sound and motion involved in some of the kit, I made this video for your enjoyment (shot and directed by Denice Niebuhr). 

Thanks as always to Michael deMeng for an educational and entertaining on-line workshop. 

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  1. I loved this post, and video, thank you so much for sharing!! I’m thinking the defanger was my favorite thing, but honestly I thoroughly enjoyed everything.