Tuesday, May 30, 2023

2023 05 She Unburdened Herself of Her Fears For Me

This clock case and this statute have been waiting in my basement for years for me to get around to deciding to make this shrine. Ironically, as I finally made the decision to work on these two items, I broke the base of the statute (it is some cheap resin home d├ęcor thing I found in a thrift shop somewhere). 

After the initial disappointment, and before I could find a suitable replacement, I decided that the broken look was in tune with archaeological finds around the world. I guess I sort of thought of this in the same terms of how Winged Victory still has meaning even though it is missing a few more important parts than mine.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace (My Photo from 2015)

I sawed the face of the angel off and replaced it with a resin skull shifter knob I bought at the Louisville Street Rod and Custom Show a few years ago.

Then, more breakage. In attaching the skull to the statute, I snapped one of the wings off. I tell all my friends and students, if you do not want to problem solve, don't do assemblage.  

Once more Karma stepped in to this project. After I got the winged character in the box I realized I had shaped the head so that the door on the clock case would not close. So that got taken off and saved for another project sometime down the road.  

Thus we have She Unburdened Herself of Her Fears For Me. The title is a modification of a this line of poetry, "They Unburden Themselves Of Their Fears, Their Worries For Us" by Susan Mitchell from the poem The Dead.

It is 29"H X 13"W X 6'D. It consists of a Clock Case, Angel Statute, Resin Skull Shifter Knob, Metal Band, Typewriter Key, Chain, Collage and Paint.

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