Monday, March 6, 2017

Out of Chicago Summer Photography Conference Day Three Part One

Today my main class was a street photography with models experience.  The models we had access to were Katherine Gulling, Abbie Purdie and Gabija Guzauskaite.

During the down times in the workshop, I kept my eye open for cool street scenes.

This section is Abbie Purdie.  She was dressed in black on a hot sunny day--models do have to work for a living.  

This section is Katherine Gulling.  She was interesting to work with as she seemed to have a street vibe working which made, to me, her photos kind of dark feeling and eerie.  

This section is Gabija Guzauskaite.  By far she was my favorite model to work with.  Some models exude charisma and she did.  She made taking photos of her easy.

The night's photography activities will be in the next post.

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