Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Out of Chicago Summer Photography Conference Day Three Part Two and Day Four

After the model work on Day Three I went to a corner in downtown Chicago to use some of the street photography techniques taught by James Maher.

After collecting Bob Crocker, we met up with an instructor and some classmates to walk down to the Adler Planetarium.  Our goal was night shots of the city.  On the walk, we came across these two ladies making bubbles and they became our models.

Then the City of Chicago took over.

Then, after all the classmates had departed except the instructor, Bob and me...we discovered that there were fireworks this night at Navy Pier.  How cool was that?

On Day Four, I started my day with a personal walkabout.

 You always need to look down as well as around when on a photowalk.

At lunch in the college cafeteria, we met this supervisor who asked Bob and I a lot of questions about photography.  To illustrate depth of field, I took this shot.  Tricky, eh?

There was one class left in the day and it was a model shoot.  I snuck in and took this photo before my battery died.

Out of Chicago was a great photography conference.  I do not consider myself a professional but the teaching was at a level where professionals could bet what they wanted and amateurs like me could learn new skills.  Bob and I plan on returning to Chicago in the summer of 2017.  There is also a Out of New York workshop as well.

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