Tuesday, June 27, 2023

2023 06 Wisconsin State Fair Amateur Photography Competition

2023 Wisconsin State Fair Amateur Photography Competition

Every year I enter the Wisconsin State Fair Amateur Photography Competition which gives out a Best In Show, Judges Favorites (4), and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Ribbons. On June 27th, the judges awarded the ribbons at a judging that is open to the public and I attended. The winning photos will be on display at the Wisconsin State Fair from August 3rd to the 13th.

I attend the judging each year with good friends and fellow photographers: Bob Crocker, Lynn and Chris Prober. Denice comes along as moral support and to fetch the photographs that are not selected, or as we affectionally call them--"Fifth Place."


1001. Animals, baby--DNP

1004. Animals, birds, songbirds, perching birds--DNP

1006. Animals, dogs--DNP

1010. Animals, zoo--DNP

1013. Beach--DNP

1018. Botanical, fungi/mushrooms--DNP

1022. Building/architectural – rural--DNP

1023. Building/architectural – urban--DNP

1037. Geometric shapes--DNP

1047. Kaleidoscope--DNP

1052. Leaves--DNP

1064. Rest and relaxation--DNP

1067. Shadows--DNP

1073. Transportation, air, land--DNP

1082. Windows--DNP

1108. Fall, Badger red--DNP

1201. Trees, summer--DNP

1202. Trees, fall--DNP

1203. Trees, winter--DNP


1030. Cobblestones--4th Place

1200. Trees, spring--4th Place


1040. Grandpa’s creativity in action--3rd Place

1065. Roots--3rd Place

1068. Signs, street, etc.--3rd Place

1079. Waterfalls--3rd Place

1106. Summer, patriotic blue--3rd Place


1019. Botanical, trees, bark, shrubs--2nd Place

1031. Doors--2nd Place

1062. Railroads--2nd Place

1094. March, St. Patrick’s Day--2nd Place


1029. Clouds--1st Place

1042. Hoops--1st Place

1063. Repetition in nature--1st Place

1078. Water--1st Place

1104. Spring, spring green--1st Place

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